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Category: Non classé

Small update and request for input

Hello readers, a string of updates for the next few weeks :

  • We have pretty much finished all 1980 wargames, with :
    • the only clear exception of Galactic Revolution (Galactic Trader, which is not a wargame but happens before Galactic Revolution in the saga is resisting me),
    • two edge cases :
      • Ants!!! (1979 TRS-80)
      • Galactic Empires (1979, aka as Galaxy – the name under which it was released again in 1981).

If you see other single-player, non-reflex based wargames from 1980 or earlier, tell me !

  • Since we reached this first milestone, it is feedback-time. Please comment on whether you prefer longer or shorter action reports, longer or shorter reviews, more of one or more of the other, please tell me as well.

  • Operation Apocalypse is going to receive its first article on Monday, and I am currently learning two games :
    • The Warp Factor – I opened a Commenters Command on it if you want to join, I am looking for maybe 3-4 players in total,
    • Torpedo Fire – an anti-submarine tactical game (at least in single player). The game does not come with any scenario, except the tutorial, so I will have to imagine one. If you have a preference (“I would like to see Japanese submarines against British destroyers in 1943”) it is here.
  • Rest of the 1981 list :
    • Tawala’s Last Redoubt (last episode of the Galactic Saga)
    • Conflict 2500 (Avalon Hill / William David Volk)
    • Eastern Front (APXl /Chris Crawford)
    • The Shattered Alliance (SSI)
    • Tigers in the Snow (SSI)
    • Southern Command (SSI)
    • Crush, Crumble and Chomp (Automated Simulations), if deemed wargamy enough
    • The Battle of Shiloh (SSI)
    • Napoleon’s Campaigns : 1813 & 1815 (SSI)
    • Possibly Galaxy, as above

I am not confident I got 100% of the 1981 wargames, so again don’t hesitate to complete me.

This post will autodestruct in roughly one month.