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What is this site about ?

My purpose when creating the site was threefold :

  • Backtrack through the very first computer wargames. I am a huge fan of the CRPG Addict, who seems to have spawned all sorts of similar projects – but none of them on wargames. And RPG is only my second favorite genre !
  • Host my After Action Report and Let’s Play. I wrote a lot of those, but I am not satisfied with their locations : they are across 5 different websites. Two of these are “developer forums” only open to owners of games from these developers, two on open but smaller forums that could close at any moment, and one on a famous but disreputable RPG forum. This site solves that,
  • Finally, I want to host what I called Commenters Command, which is a Let’s Play where the troops/characters/whatever are directed more or less directly by the commenters. I have done these in the past and they have proved to be incredibly popular – and great fun !

I will focus on computer wargames (as opposed to console), but may occasionally play non-PC games, or non-wargames.

Who am I ?

I don’t want to be too specific, but I am a Frenchman (which accounts for the not-perfect English, in addition to the typo festival you will unfortunately have to witness in these pages) born in the 80s.

The first wargame I ever played was Brotherbund’s Ancient Art of War, which had been first released shortly before I was born and which I played before I was even 10. I did not speak English back then so my father taught me the commands that I learned by heart, for instance I knew that typing “KF” would bring the Knights Forward, but I knew neither of those two words .

What do I consider a wargame ?

Much like the US Supreme Court, “I know it when I see it

In general I plan to cover Strategy/Grand Strategy Games and Tactical Games. But this definition is too vast so I exclude quite a few categories.

  • I exclude any game, even with strategical / tactical elements, where dexterity is the most important contributor to success,
  • I will not cover RPGs, including Tactical RPGs (most turn-based RPG are Tactical RPG anyway). In general, I believe the difference between my kind of game and RPGs is that the latter focus much more on character development,
  • I will not cover tycoons, trade simulations or other “business strategy games”,
  • I will not cover vehicle simulators (plane simulator, tank simulator, submarine simulators, etc…), nor FPS/TPS games. They are games about war for sure, but they are also their own, well-defined thing,