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Missing games & manuals

  • Games :

Battle Cruiser Action by Mytopia Gameware Institute (1981)

Stellar Action by Mytopia Gameware Institute (198?)

For those two games I contacted the developer (Frank Heffner) who told me he lost his copies in a flood, so no point to contact him any more. The manuals have been found thanks to an anon !

Hyperspace Patrol by Synergistic Solar (1982, for TRS-80 )

Nice to have : MIG & Messerschmitt by 4-D Interactive System (1980)

  • Must have manuals (“blocking”) :

DDay-Invasion of France for TRS-80 (1980)

Battle of the Bulge St Vith & Bastogne (1980, for TRS-80)

Hyperspace Patrol & Hypergate Centurion for TRS-80 (1982)

The Alien, by Avalon Hill (1982)

Armor Assault by EPYX / Automated Simulations (1982)

Battle Trek, by Voyage Software (1982)

War, by Adventure International (1982)

Epidemic, by SSI (1982)

  • Nice to have high-quality manuals (PDF – all SSI except one) :

Computer Napoleonics

Computer Air Combat (base game only)

Computer Conflict

Torpedo Fire

Computer Ambush first edition – I have the second edition.

The Warp Factor first edition – I have the second edition

Pursuit of the Graf Spee

Road To Gettysburg


Guadalcanal Campaigns

Bomb Alley

Chennault’s Flying Tigers

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  1. baud baud

    > Battle of the Bulge : Bascogne

    you’d have a better chance if there wasn’t a typo in the name (though Bascogne is a nice pun in French)

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