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My Master List

Please find the Master List here.

A few remarks regarding this list:

  • Over time, I added new columns to the spreadsheet. When these additions were made, I did not consistently revisit previous entries to fill in the new data. Consequently, information such as the month of release may be absent for some of the earlier games. I intend to gradually go back and fill in these gaps.
  • It is complete until 1985 only. Some games still require investigation and could be removed from the list. On the other hand, if you believe there are wargames that I have missed, feel free to suggest them in the comments section. You can also report any inaccuracies regarding dates, platforms, or other details for the games I have documented.
  • Genre classification turned out to be pretty challenging. While certain genres are well-established (such as 4X and Grand Strategy), many wargames don’t belong to these categories and are just described as “strategy games” or “wargames”. Additionally, the commonly used RTS “genre” more accurately refers to the real-time aspect of gameplay, rather than the actual game mechanics or the elements managed by the player. I ended up creating my own genres, whose definitions I have added in another sheet.

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