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Game #6 : Galactic Gladiators

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Aye, give me until Thursday, and we are BACK !

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Part IV

Captain Grimlock searched everywhere in the ship while Baud was cleaning his feathers and Fellow forced an unconscious Andnjord to smell salt

"Wake up, idiot, wake up !"

Skosveinn stood up on this own : "Uh, how much did I drink yesterday ? Wait, I remember ? It was not yesterday, it was 20 minutes ago. It was not mere drinking ! It was COMBAT drinking !"

Finally, Captain Grimlock yelled "FOUND THEM ! Now I only have to call Madame Sacre to pick them up, and we will be rich, and far away from here?"

"Restofguardsnotcoming ?" chirped Baud.

"They are under strict order not to come on this part of the starport... of course, the embassy can organize a rescue operation, but it will take some time ; and they probably don't want to go public about the blueprints either... We should be safe for the coming hour" explained Fellow

"Ah, then it is fine. Madame Sacre told me she will be here in 20 minutes or so."

"Still, we should reequip.  Also, every single part of the ship to make sure we did not leave anyone hiding in there."


So time ti reequip, for those of you who are not super specialized yet. Tell me what weapon you take, whether you don armor or not, etc.

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AndnjordStrange FellowCaptainGrimlock

Same again please! Gem, Phasor, and nowt apparel but codpiece and stetson.

One does not improve upon perfection. Same load-out as before.

No loadout changes

I’ll change my primary from a phasor.

Back to a phasor.

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No loadout changes.

No changes.

Never change a winning team, baby.

Part IV Turn 0

"Here is Madame Sacre !"

"How do you know ?"

"Who else could that be !"

And indeed who else could it be, other than Madame Sacre, her extravagant headdress, the weird little creature serving as her secretary, her two wonadite bodyguards with their long mantles and her troupe of dancing cygnians, whose feathers were of all the brightest colors, following her everywhere.

"I don't like that one bit" whispered Fellow. "I know the genre. We have not met all races yet. I smell a trap".

Madame Sacre and her followers boarded the ship. For the first time she talked, and her voice was sweet and comforting

"Ahhhh. Grimlock. Captain Grimlock. My goooood friend Grimlock I knew it. You have what I was looking for."

"I have, Madame"

"Oh, don't hand it to me like some robbers would. Yes ! Yes ! This needs some sort of ceremony. Bring me your companions. All of them ! Let's make this grand, like everything I do !"

The team gathered in the ship main hall.

"Where is Porkbelly", asked Skosveinn

"OCCUPIED ! I am checking the controls of the ship !"

Andnjord, who had the choice between inspecting this incredible ship, relic of the past, and being part of a ceremony involving Madame Sacre, choose the latter.

Fellow was the only one not too enthralled by the ceremony.

"Why do the dancers have light armour, Grimlock. Tell me that ?"

"They also serve as her bodyguards, of course"

"And why are they grinning ?"

"Ooooh now you are being specists. All Cygnians are like this when they smile. Let's ask Baud ? Where is Baud ?

Skosveinn interrupted "He is with Porkbelly. The little fellow is fascinated by the ship, and Porkbelly is explaining him the commands.

"Well, let's start our ceremony, my FrIeNd GrImLoCk. Now hand me the blueprints" The voice was different. The hands, too, were different. Grimlock held the blueprints. Suddenly, he realized. He realized something had always been off with Madame Sacre. He realized he never saw her face below the headdress. He realized the hands were not human in any way. He looked up. The eyes were not normal, either.

"What-are-you ?"

Madame Sacre removed the headdress. Grimlock and everyone from the team present gasped. She was a mutant. Captain Grimlock saw her hands getting close to him. He knew it, he was going to die. Right now.

Suddenly, the light vanished. Rutus had crushed his handheaded the light switch. Grimlock immediately bolted away.

"Find them ! Find them and kill them !"

"Yes, Madame". Those voices, coming from the guards, were not the voices of Wodanites. Night Stalkers ...

"I told you we would see more special races before the end of it"  uttered Fellow.

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DayyaluStrange Fellow

Part IV, Turn 0

So here was the situation, just before Rutus turned off the light. Baud and Porkbelly were at the front of the ship, the rest was part of the "ceremony".

As long as the light is turned off, you can move, but you cannot move and attack, and you cannot use ranged weapons or gemstones. Same applies to them.

You know the ship, they don't, so you will have 2 or 3 turns before they find the light emergency switch. Until they do, you will not see any of them until you are in contact, same rules apply to them, but their moves will be erratic, because again they don't know the ships so they'll hit the walls and whatnot.

And you'd better get away from them, because Madame Sacre is a mutant :

If Madame Sacre hits someone in melee, he is immediately dead. No "if", no "but". And before you ask, let me tell you that her "hands" skill is not 0 or 1 but 4 (+20% chance to hit on top of her base 50%). I trained her a bit against a dummy team.


Her guards are Night Stalkers. Also trained :

Fairly standard melee fighters with gemstones and/or gapers, except they cannot be stunned. Weapon skill level : 5


Finally, her secretary is a slime devil.

Not incredibly dangerous or healthy, but really hard to hit. Weapon skill : 5


The three Cygnians are just that - Cygnians. Very elite ones though. Weapon skill with their laser sword and whatever secondary weapon they have : 10.

I will play them myself, and once the light is on I will play them to kill you, because that's the final battle. Still, you can win this.

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DayyaluStrange FellowPorkbelly

Everybody run!

I full move as far towards the rear of the ship (left side of the map) as I can.

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See here Baud, this button is for "Wash", and there, "Rinse", and "Spin"....

《 ominous sounds.. lights go out 》

I hear Grim's warning cry and leg it south-west, sticking against the bulkhead and heading for the starboard laundry cubicle.


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I follow Porkbelly.

I think the best way to deal with Madame Sacre (massacre?) would be at range. Since she doesn't have a lot of endurance, a few hits should be enough

My thoughts almost exactly.

So, missing




I’ll stay by the light switch for this turn. I need to give Baud and Porkbelly as long as I can to escape.

I'll stay close to my boss Fellow, gotta protect my boss.

If Madame Sacre hits someone in melee, he is immediately dead. No "if", no "but".

I, uh.. Andnjord, my loyal friend and companion, stay close! Sort of between me and that thing. That's it. Now excuse me while I go to the lavatory, which is to the north, directly away from that thing. Stay strong, comrades! Skosveinn, wait up!

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The Wargaming ScribeAndnjord

Devastatingly lethal unstunnable and elite shit. Oh well, we're dead.

The mission is merely escape or killing them all? In the case, I bolt North-east trying to reach Baud and Pork. If it goes badly, at least I'll draw some of them away and have time to throw both of my gemstones.

(Also, I love the weirdo fantasy setups. Reminds me of space opera comics I read as a kid.)

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The Wargaming ScribeAndnjord
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