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Game #6 : Galactic Gladiators

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I (half-)move and attack A. I'll show everyone how it's done!

Still standing attack Slicerhands. Did that really bear repeating?

Quote from Andnjord on 15 February 2022, 16h48

Still standing attack Slicerhands. Did that really bear repeating?

You could have switched target.

Part IV Turn 15

Slightly more interesting : Baud manages to hit one of the brutes for 6 HP. No stun because said brute is immune to stun.

Apart from that, Andnjord misses the slime devil (they are REALLY hard to hit), the slime devil misses Andnjord, and the brute misses Baud.



No GIF because I failed at taking a video.

Porkbelly has a grenade gemstone in hands, and I will proceed with the turn when he tells me what he does with it. For the other, I consider you are in auto-mode, except specific instruction :

  • Baud : Attack Alcibiades (but exhausted this turn)
  • Andnjord : Attack the Secretary
  • Fellow : Shoot at Alcibiades, then try to keep some distance to reload
  • Skosveinn : Punch the Secretary
  • Andnjord : Attack the Secretary

Actually, now that the A brute has foolishly entered my range I'll dedicate my full attention to it.

I'll toss the grenade at the secretary.

What could go wrong?

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Wow. We suck at doing things without me, don’t we.

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Strange Fellow
Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 15 February 2022, 22h37
  • Baud : Attack Alcibiades (but exhausted this turn)

yep, I'll do my utmost to nail that bastard

Part IV turn 16

Well, Porkbelly does the unthinkable by immediately throwing a gemstone in the middle of the group :

Well, what do you know - right on target. The slime devil is blown to really tiny bits, receiving more damage than it had HP at the beginning of the battle. Porkbelly scores this way his first kill of the campaign ! Andnjord and Skosveinn receive some grazing damage.

Miraculously, Fellow also manages to hit the remaining Night Stalker at point-blank range, inflicting 6 damage. Skosveinn punches a dead body but /still/ misses, Andjnord misses the Night Stalker, the Night Stalker misses Baud.


Part IV turn 17

Well next turn I assume Porkb...


Baud cut short that turn :

Conclusion of Part IV :

RIP (B)rutus Rump. Captain Grimlock has a new team of bodyguards now, so well, maybe he did not need you that much anymore.

Character sheets coming tomorrow.

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Strange Fellow

It’s over. After almost 3 months, it’s over.

I was expecting some disaster with that grenade throw in melee, good thing it didn't happen!

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It's over. After almost 3 days of combat, it's over. Captain Grimlock and his new friends had a ship - a ship without transponders -, Madame Sacre's cache, a lot of experience (except Porkbelly), and a galaxy to explore.

There was still a question to answer : What was Captain Grimlock going to do with the blueprints now ?

(I am horrible at writing conclusions, just check my blog ^^)

I had some discussion with Tom Reamy (the developer of the game) so he would host/gamemaster a surprise FIFTH battle, but it looks like he is too busy to do it at the moment, so I prefer to end it here.


Final character sheets :

+1 phasor skill only for Grimlock, who went down early in the battle.


+3 laser sword for our favorite murdering ostrich. I am pretty sure he could kill everyone in the group alone, provided the rest of the group is out of gemstone, and Grimlock's weapon is jammed.


+2 heavy disruptor for Andnjord. This means 65% chance to hit now - he finally starts to be more than just a tank.


+1 Gemstone and +1 Phasor Rifle for Fellow. Slowly learning still.


+1 Gemstone for Skosveinn. Despite using 2 gemstones every battle, he is still a worse thrower than Fellow.


+1 gemstone for Porkbelly, who never caught back his late arrival and early demise in his first battle.


Thank you for participating in this all. I am looking for 1-2 extra player for a multiplayer Andromeda's Conquest (not cooperative, competitive) - Porkbelly is in. Once I have finished Andromeda's Conquest, I have another fascinating *secret* game in my Commenter's Comment to-do list. I will tag you here (and if you were a lurker not in the GG Let's Play and want to be tagged, just answer below).


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DayyalubaudAndnjordStrange FellowCaptainGrimlock

Looking forward to the next adventure.

Thanks for the game fellas! I got to blow someone up!

In respect of our fallen comrades Porkbelly finally puts his trousers back on.. until the next time.

Ready for Andromeda!

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The Wargaming ScribeAndnjord

I'll admit, hosting a battle with the developer of this thing would have been golden. Pity.


I greatly enjoyed this, it reminded me of the clunky Finnish game Areena - read a LP somewhere ages ago. The schizo pulp sci-fi theme was cherry on top, and the setups entertaining despite mechanical failures.

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The Wargaming ScribeCaptainGrimlock

Andromeda, here we come!

Porkbelly blowing up the secretary with the first grenade he's ever thrown without hurting anyone else was the proof that Terry Pratchett's theorem of "a million-to-one chance succeeds nine times out of ten" is real. Beautiful!


It's been really fun taking part in this, thank you for hosting it Valevelkal, and thank you to the others for the laughs.


*Tips fedora and nods* "M'Lords."

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The Wargaming ScribeDayyaluStrange FellowBrutus Trump

Captain. Ladies. Gentlemen. Androgynous aliens. Andnjord.

I am proud to have fought alongside some of you, and to have occasionally stood next to some others. May we fight together again some day. Let us now get drunk on the contents of Madame Whatsherface's minibar.

A toast, to victory!

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The Wargaming ScribeDayyaluAndnjordBrutus TrumpCaptainGrimlock

Hey folks,

I am recruiting for the BSM Pandaro maiden voyage :


It will be PBEM, not a full forum game.


Me again, - now recruiting for The Alien, and it will be a full forum game (like this one) :

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