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Month: May 2022

A bit more than one year blogging, and a bit less than 9 years covered.

I am back from vacation, the AAR & Review of Battle for Normandy is almost out, but I wanted to mention that this blog is more than one year old now. The first article (an AAR for Tanktics) was published on the 26th of April 2021.

In one year, the blog evolved a lot. In my initial entries, I was very little interested in the “history” of the game and of the designers, and on the other hand went way too long on many of the early AARs (they are still long, of course, but I’m trying!) ; on this topic I am thankful to all the developers, famous or not, who answered my many questions about games that were a minimum of 40 years old. On a more mundane level, I started using Grammarly some 6 months ago, and for a non-native english speaker it helps a lot. There are still a few things I want to do, but I would like to consult you :

  • Would you be interested in a link to my master list? it is an ugly Google Sheet that I would need to clean-up, but tell me,
  • Would you be interested in game lists by theme / rating / other criteria? Currently, the only list is alphabetical,
  • Any other feedback you have, now is the moment.

Up til now, I have covered games spanning from 1973 (Star Trek and Trek73) to 1982 (and even slightly later, as some games turned out to have been released in early 1983). Including the BRIEFs, I have covered some 12 games first released in 1979 or earlier, around 20 in 1980, around 20 in 1981, and almost 40 in 1982. My upcoming list includes 60 games released in 1983 and 80 in 1984. Even though I believe some of those games are now lost, I expect to take one more year to cover 1983, especially since it includes some pretty complex games. But I am not worried, the games are going to be more and more interesting, and there will still be the British ZX Spectrum games to keep bringing that strong “early pioneer” vibe to my game list.