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Category: Galactic Saga

Game #23 : Tawala’s Last Redoubt (1981)

Note that this is the 4th part of the Galactic Saga. If you don’t know what the Galactic Saga is, start here

Only one mystery remains at the end of this interview, President Du Buque. When Tawala fled to Farside, why did you not finish him off from space with the thousands of troops at your command ?

I am sorry I am not going to take any more questions. I am tired. Have a good day folks !

We have plummeted a long way since we conquered an Empire. Twice.

Benthi’s Diary , Decathr 12, Base Camp

Our leader is dead. I, Benthi, am now in charge of the rebellion.

After being overthrown by Du Buque, Emperor Tawala found refuge in his secret redoubt on Farside. President Du Buque doesn’t seem able – or willing – to pursue him here. So we, the rebels, must finish the job without any assistance from the rest of the galaxy.

As the new head of the rebellion, the first thing to do is to assess the situ