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Game #6 : Galactic Gladiators

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Hit Froglo again. I'll hit him eventually.

Part III, turn 6 :

The traditional GIF :

Long story short, everyone missed, EXCEPT Captain Grimlock who managed to hit (and small-stun) the robot for 6 damage. Said robot has 9 HP left, so any hit and it is gone.


So basically :



Keep in mind that against non-grenade, robots can only be armed by critical hits, said otherwise Andnjord and Strange, IF they hit the robot, have only 10% chance to do damage (Captain : 45%. Baud : 35%). Just saying.


In any case, the elite human reloaded, Captain and Strange need to reload.




Move-attack one move north then attack the transistor-dumpster.


Also, not that it matters, but did I also do  a move-attack this turn rather than a standing  attack?

So anyways I started swinging. You will die one day, Frog.

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Quote from Andnjord on 14 January 2022, 0h49

Move-attack one move north then attack the transistor-dumpster.


Also, not that it matters, but did I also do  a move-attack this turn rather than a standing  attack?

Well-caught. My initiative. You were going to attack last no matter what, and I wanted to make sure that if the robot moved, you would immediately follow. Only after running the turn did I realize that in one case you could stun the robot before it moved, and not in the other. And only NOW do I realize that you specified standing attack and not a general "attack". Since it did not change anything (due to you missing), I let it as is.

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I (you guessed it) reload.

I switch target from the robot to the frog

I assume that @strange-fellow reloads and @dayyalu / Skos waits for Baud to die to step in his, or its, place.

I do indeed.

Part III, turn 7.

Well, the elite sniper displays abysmal target prioritisation skill, and shoot at Rutus, hitting him... for 1 damage.

Baud hits the Froglodyte, but the armour absorbs all damage.

Absolutely everyone else misses. Fellow & Captain reloads. The last hostile human is clearly like Buridan's donkey, hesitating presumably between supporting robot Z and supporting robot Y, and he does not move.



Given how stable the situation is, I will assume the following orders for the future turn :

  • Captain : Shoot at the robot. Reload. Repeat.
  • Strange : Shoot at robot. Reload. Repeat. Step back if the robot approaches.
  • Andnjord : Attack robot ? Not sure, he could flank the other group too, theorically.
  • Dayyalu : Wait
  • Baud : Attack Froglodyte until destroyed, then attack robot
  • Rutus : Attack Froglodyte until destroyed, then I don't know

If you are OK, I will run turns with that until the situation evolves.

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AndnjordStrange Fellow

I'd like to step one square down and shoot the idiot who keeps plinking at us from range. I'll show him how it's done.

Yeah, I move attacked last turn to position myself in anticipation that when the rust biped will croak I'll be in a slightly better position to flank the other group.

Until then though, keep on using standing attacks against that cog-head.

Part III, turn 8

Well, the situation is not locked for as long as expected, as Captain Grimlock deals a devastating blow to the robot, "wounding" it out of the battlefield :

So in one screenshoot :

Some notes :

  • Fellow shot at the elite guy, but there is the wall between the two of them, so that's 0% chance of hitting,
  • Baud and Andnjord were actually exhausted :

So they could not attack this turn, and instead rested to recover one endurance.

You lose 1 endurance by attack, so now Baud  & Andnjord "rate of attack" is the same as if he was using a ranged weapon. You don't lose endurance when moving, but you cannot move at 0 endurance.

The other fighters are in good condition from the endurance point of view : shooting does not cost endurance, and Dulbians start with twice the endurance of a Zorcon (their only advantage), so they are safe from exhaustion.

Captain and Strange's phasers need reloading. The elite sniper phaser is ready.


Baud : Attack Froglodyte until destroyed, then attack robot

I'll do that (as my endurance allows it)

Andnjord! What is that wall doing here? This is unacceptable. Get it together.

I will reload, then move eastwards until I have a line of fire on mister man over there.

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The Wargaming Scribe

Well, I would need the general plan of @captaingrimlock and @andnjord , and even @dayyalu before I proceed in auto-mode.

Yeah, reload.

Quote from CaptainGrimlock on 16 January 2022, 17h34

Yeah, reload.

I know, but what do you do the following turns so I don’t have to ask every turn 🙂

I will rapidly move up to B and swiftly take him out with lightning fast attacks, hopefully also drawing fire from the Sniper to help M’Lords.


In order:




Move towards enemy, ending in cover.

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