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Looking some old games

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Thanks a lot, @porkbelly! And how quickly - I would have been busy for more than one day. At school I only studied BASIC and Pascal; I did not master assembly languages, like some of my classmates. I'll try to launch it now.

P.S. It works! Thank you very much again, everything started right away and without any problems.

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The Wargaming ScribePorkbellyshaman7207

Thank you very much, everything worked!

@porkbelly, you are very cool - I was able to kill only 4 enemies at speed 0 πŸ™‚ At speed 3 - 17 (due to the bonus).

Recorded on video for the archive:

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The Wargaming ScribePorkbellySightsaber

@porkbelly thank you for your help with preparing a new article πŸ™‚

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Quote from shaman7207 on 5 April 2024, 7h07

@porkbelly thank you for your help with preparing a new article πŸ™‚

I made you popular (+1 Coco title for you, apparently - Project Nebula)

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Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

Hello @admin6572! I wanted to thank you for the tip on Project Nebula. A wonderful and interesting game. If you are interested, I published a new article where I shared my impressions about it in detail πŸ™‚

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The Wargaming Scribe

Great thank you! Transmitted to the Coco Nation! host. I suppose he will talk about you this Saturday (apparently, there are still weekly news on the Coco).

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I know we have some fan of Apple II here and that @shaman7207 is shy - but he posted a new episode on Apple II only:

Shaman, I see Galactic Gladiators in your list. It has been played extensively here ( and it is not Star Wars. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Warp Factor opponent...

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@admin6572 thanks, just watched Coco Nation πŸ™‚

As for Galactic Gladiators, to be honest, @sightsaber and I had an argument about this πŸ˜€ He suggested going through the scenario published in one of the magazines, but in the end I decided that I would not review this game as part of the marathon, since it really isn't Star Wars.

I have 11 more Apple II projects in the near future, but I can give up two of them, since they may not be too SW either.



@admin6572 It was about the scenario for Galactic Gladiators published in Computer Gaming World v5 No2. It allows one to play a very rare Star Wars plot for games - attack of 501st Legion stormtroopers on the Tantive IV. Here is this scenario assembled.

I am with Shaman on this one: Great game. Not Star Wars.
Plus the scenario is mediocre given the capabilities of GG :).

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Greetings! We have finished going through the Apple platform (part 55, part 56). There were surprisingly few games.

However, we were unable to launch one game: Star Wars by Gord Eastman. It may have been copied from the original disc with an error.

@porkbelly , do you have time to take a look?

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Sorry, I just saw this now... yeah, thanks for doing the code rip, it's an Applesoft BASIC control program mushed into a binary blob with embedded sound and and graphics. With BLOAD and RUN I get the title screen and star wars theme and then it hangs. I think I know what is causing that, but I expect there will be other issues, I see both keyboard and paddle reads in there. I think this will be a two-player Space War clone. It is interesting code packaging assuming it is complete... I will update when I have more time to check it out further.

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Ok, the hang up happens because the Hi-Res Graphics are not being initialized properly. Not sure if that is an emulator bug, in any case here's the easiest fix:

Boot the disk... the init program asks you to press a key and then it drops to the Command Prompt = ]

Type HGR:TEXT at the command prompt. That will shift to hi-res and then back again to text mode.


After the music ends you should get the game screen. It is a two player event.

Keys are:

SHIP 1: 1 = slow down, 3 = speed up, 2 = hyperjump

SHIP 2: J = slow down, L = speed up, K = hyperjump

It uses paddles for rotation and paddle buttons for firing. You can direct AppleWin to use the cursor keys and that will give you left/right arrows for SHIP 1 rotation and up/down arrows for SHIP 2. I am not sure where the fire button is for this setting. Or you can set AppleWin to use the mouse and you'll get chaotic rotation, but the left and right mouse buttons will give you laser fire for each SHIP.

The code could be modified but the way it is packaged into a blob requires things to be in exact memory locations, so it would be a bit cumbersome and the pay off doesn't seem worth it.

I do appreciate the interesting problem, thanks! Always amazed at how a simple game can be packaged into a small self-contained block of bytes. With better sprites, sound effects, flight controls, a single player mode, and rewrite to assembler to make it all fly, this would be a decent little example of advanced game programming (for 1980). I reckon the whole thing could be reduced to about 4K without the Applesoft.

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ArgyraspideBaron Rastignakshaman7207Sightsaber

I can run and play it! Thank you very much @porkbelly!

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Thank you very much, @porkbelly!

I think that in the future we will come across similar problematic Star Wars games from time to time, and then we will ask you to take a look at them. We will try not to abuse this.

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