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Game #6 : Galactic Gladiators

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Let' em come to us. IF they get over their side of the wall and we have a good shot, I get out of cover and grenade 'em.

I will ungracefully move 2 spaces north and dodge. As a Dulbian, I'm probably best suited to be the bait.

I stay where I am and dodge.

Same as everyone else, basically. Stay and dodge. Gemstone dude surely can't throw THAT far, can he?

...could he?

Part III, Turn 1

Well, the turn resolution took less than 60 seconds, so I can even show a GIF :

(edit: now with 7 images by second)


Long story short :

- The grunt with a phasor shot and missed. The elite with a phasor shot and wounded Porkbelly for 4 damage.

- Rutus only moved one tile, because it is half-move and dodge, not full-move and dodge.

- The AI also has the "wait and see strategy".



So this is the situation:


The range of thrown weapons is 1 + STR/4 (rounded down), so :

- 5 for Skosveinn,

- 5 for Fellow,

- 3 for Porkbelly, since he is wounded,

- 5 for enemy "F",

- 4 for enemy "B",

Grenades can be thrown above obstacles, including the red blocks. The red blocks stop the phasors, though.

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Strange Fellow

Okay, well, so much for that strategy.


I half move 1 square down and shoot the enemy who needs to reload his/her/their/it’s phaser.

With a prayer to the Immortal Gods on my lips, half move and attack the Froglo.

It's a grenade exchange, I guess.

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If I can move then I'll follow Rufus, else I'll just stop and bleed for a bit.



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I half-move forward toward the closest enemy and dodge

If Porkbelly can throw the grenade over me, I'll move a space to the right and fire at F. If he can't move, I will stay and fire as a shield.

@andnjord missing

I keep my graceful dance up by half moving and dodging straight towards the enemy.

@strange-fellow : What does "charge" even mean actually ? Gemstone  on the closest target ?


@brutus-trump : Your default weapon is the disruptor (you did not tell me which weapon you wanted to start with) so it would take you one turn to swap weapon. And then you ll miss given distance and your lack of skill with a phasor 🙂

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Brutus Trump

Full move towards K and Z. I make boom later.

I'll half move 1 space to the right and dodge.

Part III turn 2 :

I tried to move you as well as I could,since several of you were trying to occupy the same tile (eg Skos and Baud).

So :


Skosveinn does not move, so at least he can throw first... Sadly his gemstone lands short, and "only" deals 3 damage to the Frog. On the other hand, the Frog's gemstone also misses, only dealing 1 damage to Skosveinn.


Movement everywhere. Captain shoots at one of the human, heavily stunning him, though not before the hostile reloaded. The elite guy in the rear also reloaded.


And next turn. Reminders:

  • Captain must reload
  • The human at the bottom is stunned
  • Skosveinn and one of the hostile Frog are weaponless
  • Robots are immune to non-critical damage (ie : direct gemstone hits, and basically you being more (Andnjord) or less (Captain & Baud) lucky).




Forward one step and throw that gem as far as I can. Let's see if I can take out that murderBot without killing anyone on our team.

Switch weapons. Ready second gemstone.

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