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Game #5 - Space Station Zulu

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I guess everyone moves to Q, but specify if you take anything with you (or with the robot).

Can we give the robot something? Give it instructions?

What about the Search command?

Come on gang, let's hustle.

If I can take a hammer, I do. Then I follow the gang to Q

Quote from Argyraspide on 2 November 2021, 7h35

Can we give the robot something? Give it instructions?

What about the Search command?

You can search if you want.


you can give instructions to robot and they can pick up and use weapons just like you.

OK, well for now I'll MOVE to Q, and tell the robot to follow.

We should probably have the robot grab a weapon first, don't you think? A grenade if they're not spoken for, else a hammer.

Also, do we have joint custody of the robot now? We should file for divorce proceedings at once so there's no confusion. I want weekends and holidays! I've clearly earned it, you guys suck at killing aliens. He needs someone who can take care of him.

Let's move to Q.

Turn 6 :


You pick-up some stuff (the robot takes grenades as ordered, Baud takes a hammer and Dayyalu still has his grenades in hands) and move to Q.

The gunfight is still ongoing in room U, but it seems to abate a bit. Either they all run out of ammo, or someone had the upper hand. Of course, whether there were guns on two sides of the battle or if one side was using guns and the other aliens, you don't know.

Q is free of aliens. There are several bodies laying around, and some equipment.

There are noise bombs, rad grenades and ice bottles. Rad grenades and ice bottles are pretty inefficient against humans (at least over the short term for rad grenades) but some xenoforms are stopped dead by those. Evidently, the previous occupants of the station were in the same conundrum as you are - not knowing what worked and what did not against whatever you are now facing.



As for Fellow's question, you indeed have shared custody over the robot. In practice, he will obey the LAST order he received from one of you. Except autodestruct ^^.

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 2 November 2021, 23h22

As for Fellow's question, you indeed have shared custody over the robot. In practice, he will obey the LAST order he received from one of you. Except autodestruct ^^.

I've got a better idea. How about we all call for him at once, and we'll see who he goes to. That way we'll find out who his REAL dad is.

Anyway, let's mosey some more, over towards U. I'm bringing the kid with me, by the way. If you think for one second that I'm leaving him alone with you deadbeats, well, you've got another thing coming.

What the heck is an ice bottle? A reverse molotov? Considering the GREAT SUCCESS we got with standard grenades, a switch is in order.

Forward towards U.

I'll keep my rifle, but I'll SEARCH room Q before moving on to U.

Quote from Strange Fellow on 3 November 2021, 1h31

[...] well, you've got another thing coming.

Noise grenades ?

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baudStrange Fellow

I'll see what Argyraspide find, then move to U

Turn 7 :


As you enter the control, you hear one last gunshot. Just like in a video game cutscene, an alien has been killed in front of you as you entered. The last alien, really. The room is littered with the bodies of aliens, adults but also larvas. Lots and lots of larvas. Also, some human bodies seem to have been there for a while.

There are also a bunch of people in the room. Two left to room S just as you got in, one is checking the central computer, and one had clearly killed aliens recently with a fire torch he is still holding in his hands. In addition, two general-purpose robots are busy reloading their rifles.

From where you are, you see people in rooms T and S. There are weird noises in room S as well. Aliens ?

You would investigate further, or make conversation, but an alien enters the room from corridor 5. Adult.

Meanwhile, Argiraspide and Baud don't find anything.


Well, time to get to the party and MOVE to U, then.

Move to U too

All right, son, now watch as I throw this noise bomb at the alien monstrosity, and then you grab a grenade and repeat after me. See, it's all in the wrist, you have to flick it... there ya go! You're getting it. I'm really proud of you, son.

Test the Ice Ice bomb against the alien. If they don't blast it first.

Turn 8 :

In room U, the two robots from the other group shoot at the alien. At the same time, Fellow throws his noise grenade, Dayyalu his bottle and kiddie his explosive grenade.


Not sure what worked and what did not, the alien is no more.

The two strangers don't seem to be paying attention to you, they are now focused on the computer. One says : "Ah ah ! Camera on !" All of you look at the heads-up display. Lots and lots of aliens. One of the two guys says "Hyme... they're everywhere !"



You can see a few more humans in room T, at least one of them using the cryo-machine to unthaw more people. In room S, two humans are shooting at larvas... apparently there are only 1 or 2 left.

One extra guy enters in room U from room T.

The last stranger at the computer says "Nikk ! Look what I found." They seem to be discussing about a similar accident that happened in the past on "Space Station Zulu", which was manned by a friendly alien race called Yargs. Apparently, the aliens have three phases of development: 2 of them you know, but there is an earlier one, "spores", left behind by the adult aliens. They are hard to see and rooms need to be searched thoroughly to be cleared of spores. Sadly, the part Yargs did not complete their study on what weapon works and what weapon does not against aliens, though they reported a strong susceptibility of the aliens to noise.


Nothing to report as Baud and Argyraspide enters the room.

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