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Game #5 - Space Station Zulu

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Well, it's obviously pointless to try and fight these little critters.

The gunshots we heard have to come from another human, so we better just meet up with him, he might know more about the situation.

I attempt to ESCAPE to R, and encourage everyone to do the same. We'll go through the control room on the way, which could be useful.

Small note : You can attack with your little hands, if you don't want to use weapons that may make them grow. Larvae seems killable easily by 1-2 guys each. Adults ? ... not so much.

hey,  I found how to resize my portrait. Yeah!

smash those pricks! HUMANITY FUCK YEAH!

Attack larvae #1





Baud : Attack Larvae #1

Argyraspide : Escape to R.

I say, who's that funny little fellow having a go at the larvae? I commend his bravura, and I'll make sure his family get their due recompense for his noble sacrifice. Hey, Argyraspide, wait up!

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"Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.Ok."


As much as I'd like to help Baud, I'm not simply paid enough for this. I'll follow Argy and beg for ... something? Tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, knives, sharp sticks?

Baud, still attacking the Larva ?

Turn 3 :


Using Baud as decoy distraction, Baud, Argyraspide and Strange Fellow flee to the room to the left.

What they see is horrible : the room has several of those aliens larvae, and in front of them, one of the larvae grow grotesquely into an adult alien !

The room has seen some combat in the past, and there is various equipment laying around, including a rifle and grenade, plus a few things you now know to be useless against aliens : hammer and laser cutter. So far, only Strange Fellow's noise grenades seem to do something !

As for Baud and Helly... Helly stands up behind a desk, saying "YES ! YES !" He does not see one of the larvas creeping on him, and suddenly he is brought to the ground, and killed.

Baud attack is ineffective... The situation seems desperate when suddenly, two robots burst into the room. HUMANS IN DANGER ! HUMANS IN DANGER !

Those robots obey "humans in danger", but if they are not war machines either, at least until you give them a weapon (and there are none left here).

On the other hand, you know they have an autodestruction option, but it takes some time (one turn) before taking effect, and whatever is in the room is going to be history. Hopefully it does not cause a hull breach....


Everyone is hearing more gunshoots from room U !




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Strange Fellow

I think it would be dangerous to use grenades in the same room as we are, so I pick up the rifle, dropping the laser cutter if I have to.

I use the rifle to ATTACK larva #1. We'll see if that's any good.

"fuck it fuck it fuck it"

I grenade the big Alien. Gotta go, go in glory.

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Strange Fellow

effin' cowards! And those bastards are too tough! Robots, do something!

If I can, I order one robot to selfdestruct. Then I move towards the room to my left (R if I read the map correctly) to join the others

Quote from Argyraspide on 30 October 2021, 6h45

I think it would be dangerous to use grenades in the same room as we are

I agree.

Anyway, I chuck a noise bomb at larva number two. We know those work.

Turn 4 :

In room R, Dayyalu launches a grenade at the big, nasty alie. It explodes... and suddenly the alien looks larger than ever ... until Fellow's noise grenade, who missed the larva [more like I misremembered the instructions], lands at its feet... pod ? basis ? whatever. The explosion is VERY noisy, and very fatal for the alien.


Meanwhile, Argyraspide guns down a larva without trouble. Two left.


In Room F, Baud escapes the room without being killed. One of the robots engages auto-destruction as instructed. The other robot immediately activates its self-protection protocol, and follows Baud !

Seconds later, a huge explosion destroys room F. "Breach Alert" ! "Breach alert !". You remember your training.... in theory, the breach should be fixed automatically in the coming turn !


Between the grenade, the noise bomb and the robot auto-destruction, your ears are whistling and painful, but you can still hear a massive volume of gunfire in room U !

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Strange Fellow

All right, let's finish those before they cause us any more trouble. And NO MORE GRENADES!

I ATTACK larva #1.


At this point, I try to strangle the larva with my bare hands, as the chaos dominates my small mind. I support Argy's attack on Larva 1.

Rip Service Robot #1. There he was, brain the size of a planet, and we told him to blow himself up. Call that job satisfaction?

Anyway, good to have you back with us, robot whisperer. I never doubted you for a second. As for myself, I'll rain sonic oblivion on the last larva, so we can be done with this at last. I'd suggest that the people without a useful weapon (see: everyone besides me and Argy) mosey on over towards room U, but it seems that won't happen. Well, at least we'll make sure to dispatch these guys good and proper now, and prepare for a joint westward assault next turn.

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Brutus Trump

Nice reference, Strange Fellow.

Well goddamn, this was quite the brutal start. It seems that everytime me and Strange Fellow end up on the same LP I have to die a horrible death sooner rather than later, glad to see we're maintaining tradition.

RIP Brother @kalarion too.

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Strange Fellow

No way I'm going alone to check whatever's raising that racket in the other room! Just smash those moving turds and we'll go together.

I attack larva #2 (I guess the other two should be enough to finish #1)

Turn 5 :


There is not much to say : the noise grenade is pretty much instakill for the first larva, and the other one is riddled with bullets. The room is empty.

Massive shooting carries on from the control room.

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Strange Fellow
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