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Recruiting crew for the B.S.M. Pandora maiden voyage !

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I am already back in my stasis pod.

Wake me up when we can see Earth.

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 18 May 2022, 19h22

I took the liberty to run all your turns, and as expected after doing a full player rotation :

Aww, no chance for a last-minute Among Us scenario?


Hold on. I got the most points after all. Nevermind, j/k.

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The Wargaming Scribe

Yes, so some thought about the game :

  • I am really impressed by the depth of the game for 1981. It really rewards lateral thinking, given the number of options : use object/robots directly, or go for the pods. Kill or capture. Different stats with impact. Strategic choice between repairing yellow stuff or using them, etc...


Two major limitations IMO :

  • I really loved the first part where we tried to restart the ship. Once we restarted the ship, the pressure collapses and hunting the aliens was just a drag. The game should have stopped after the ship restarts (or there should be a new constraint, eg you have X minutes left of oxygen, after which you need to go to the starting pod to be in cryosleep. It would have forced the player to arbitrage between "stop or encore".
  • I don't think the game was well tested in multiplayer. Stun status reset after each increment of 2 minutes, rather than after a full player of rotation, which means I had an advantage with the bots (I could choose to use them first, then denying them to all other players ; it would have been much better if, after a bot is used, the bot is not available anymore until the same player's turn it back). Similarly, my "stun" was useful to you, since you could play your turn with the enemies stunned. Argyraspide's stun was useless to everyone - the alien would come back to life immediately at the end of the turn.


Still, great experience, full fledged article incoming in the coming weeks, except if you don't want to be the heroes of an AAR :).


There may be another totally safe ship to crew in an upcoming let's command. Given the title of the game, I think it is about managing immigration or something.

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if you want more space exploration ...



I pretty much echo the Scribe's opinion: the weakest part of the game was the clean-up, with the great amount of firepower given to the crew and the general passive state of the aliens it was kind of boring.

Impressed about the mechanics of such an old game, and losing to Ahab for a point and a half makes me vaguely angry.


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