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Recruiting crew for the B.S.M. Pandora maiden voyage !

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Update on the situation :


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Quote from DDG Ahab on 12 May 2022, 15h07

Sending more bots to the extlok. Maybe the Imrebot can carry the ironhorn.

After using the Reconbot to stun the Ironhorn, I have successfully determined that neither it nor the Imrebot are powerful enough to carry it.

It is a job reserved for the sturdier of our wheeled friends.

These corridors are too long!

Wait. Wait one second. Is this envirig closed in the back with hooks and eyes?


Ahhh, much better!

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Good tip on getting these rigs off. Thanks!

Still headed for the restraint pod carrying the Scorsaur by its scruff. Teleman away.


The Bisape has been stunned and grabbed.

Pushing my bot until the restraining pod for the Urasmax.


At this point, just whack what you cannot carry ; I think I have the only bot which can carry things around.

I have begun sending the Imrebot over to Level 2 Pod 1, to see if the Ivy Five is still there. It will not be able to stun it, however.

I have used the Reconbot to stun the Ironhorn again. I have nothing else to do.

At long last, the end of the corridor, egress to the other decks, and a decision. To continue my journey in the direction of heaven, or of earth?

The din of an albino beast crashing below decks moved my judgement. All was made clear as the door to the extlock opened.

A stunned ironhorn, an overheated automaton, and GSO Skraaling behind it, frantically tapping its remote controls. I had hardly enough time to fire a single volley from my radiation emitter, as the quartermaster insists on calling it.

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At the restraint pod, dropped the Scorsaur, flushed it down.

Surely we are almost done? Teleman out.

Still pushing the bot in front of me. It should take me 2 turns to finally restraint the Urasmax ^^

Getting there !


I am following my Imrebot to Level 2, aiming to scout Pod 1.

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Ironhorn secured. On my way to deck 3 to assist CO with the mop-up. Will return to - sigh - deck 2 to back up Skraaling once the Foliosaur and Urasmax are accounted for.

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Nothing much left for me to do here on 3, heading for the CompPod on 1 to double-check the beasties status against the manifest. Teleman up and away.

Bisape won't escape again.

Urasmax is getting restrained next turn for sure. Finally.

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I am still advancing towards 2-1.

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Heading down the halls on deck 3 to either assist with the Urasmax or the CompPod. Or maybe the big broken bot in the power pod.

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Made it to the CompPod and checked the manifest.

Computer reports that only the Urasmax needs to be dealt with, and is current being carried to its conclusion.

I think you got this Captain! Take us home!

Teleman... survivor of the USS Pandora, signing off. (and finally making the tea).

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DayyaluDDG Ahab

Oh boy ! They are all looking at me now ! I'd better not fumble this !


I take control of the bot and drop the Urasmax... and then, I push the fateful button, and restrain it.

Why are they all looking at me now ? Am I supposed to do a speech or something ?

Actually, nothing happened. I took the liberty to run all your turns, and as expected after doing a full player rotation :


Wait, why are they all congratulating Hesiod and not me ? I am the Captain !


The score :

As a recap :

  • Stroff = Me
  • Skraaling = Agyraspide
  • Charybdis = DataDrivenGamer // Ahab
  • Teleman = Porkbelly
  • Markmar = Dayyalu

Thank you and congratulations to all of you, you took us out of a messy situation. More thoughts on the game to follow in a few hours.

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ArgyraspideDDG Ahab
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