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Game #7 : The Alien

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For the record, as long as no one sees and engage the alien there are no information of value in the computer.

Oh right. I totally knew that.

In that case, I'll just move to and catch the closest blip.

  Good. So we're following the rules. Crew! Did you know that Dan O'Bannon didn't like the Android and thought that it was a detriment to the movie?


  I knew it. No one appreciates Alien lore. I know that Covenant exists but.....

  OK I WILL SHUT UP.  I get into the armory and grab a stun gun and a laser pistol if I can (is grabbing a lethal weapon permitted even before someone gets facehugged?). If I can't grab a laspistol, I grab the stun gun and get back to the bridge, locking the armory behind me.


Yes you can grab lethal weapons, even 2 of them. I forget to state that @captaingrimlock has one now. The gas canisters are also lethal.


Gubbison is correct in that dropping items is a free action btw.

I’ll hang tight in the bridge. Someone has to make sure we know where the non-humans are.

Turn 2, in a more systemic fashion :

  • Captain Grimlock holds the bridge with his laser rifle.
  • He sees Engineer Gubbisson come on the bridge, drop the two gas canisters, and leave toward the back of the ship.
  • Lieutenant Dayyalu enters the armoury and pick up the second laser rifle and a dart pistol.
  • Professor Argyraspide moves to the sick bay. It turns out the other cat is there. He catches it.

  • Dr Strange Fellow enters the ventilation with a cage
  • Technician Helly asks for help
  • Chief Porker finishes the prod rod. Note that the prod rod falls on the ground and needs to be picked up ^^.

The turn 3 starts. No sight on the alien. At least you are only the cats, only to cage them now.

Note the menu on the right telling you which items are where (-3 or -2 means it needs three/two full turns to be built).

Porkbelly has reacted to this post.

Yes! Electronic prod completed and passed the drop test.

I grab it and head into the PRC (port reactor?, people's republic of china?). There was a blip here earlier... anything proddable gets the prod, otherwise move on to CP1.

I move to the hallway and bravely rescue Helly from the horrible monster that's holding him captive.

"I...can't...hold on... much longer!!..."

Please imagine an epic battle scene, man vs predator, where Helly's life is at risk every second.

Thank you.

I've got the alien!

It's actually a lot smaller than I was expecting. And softer. And... cuter? Oh, it's a cat. Sorry, everyone, false alarm.

Can you put more than one animal per cage? If so, I guess I need to move to where Stange Fellow is and wait for him to put the cat in the cage. Is that how it works?

Good thinking, but only one animal by cage.

“Sigh. Why do I have to do EVERYTHING around here? Everyone, the other blip is in the Lab.”

I move to where Helly is, and if I can, I then help move the cat.

Good. Now I got a gun. Two guns. So, if I understood right, the Bridge lets you check what rooms are occupied by something. I don't see that however, not even random pings on non-lethal monopeds.

If I need to check specifically, I move to the Bridge and check the cameras for locations. If I can't, I move to the bridge then towards Porker, we can't let him alone against a Xeno.

As for myself, I'm still in the maintenance room burning down the place trying to whip together a flamethrower! (I've got the flame part down, just need to figure out the thrower).

Apologies, it seems I missed a message (or worse got confused with the savestates).

  • The little furry monster escaped Helly, though Argyra holds strong.
  • If no reaction by tomorrow morning, Fellow and Grimlock will assist Argyraspide with transferring HIS furry monster.
  • @helly is free to act, pending instruction.
  • Gubisson : You are still in CP1 (I did not put your name, but last turn you took two moves to the bridge, and then one to CP1) so you ll reach the maintenance room this turn and start working on the flamethrower next turn.
  • Since I am there : Dayyalu you can pick a third item (eg the last Dart Pistol from the armory) before returning to the bridge - if you want.

I do indeed help Argy with his monster.

This is only a temporary setback, you feline!

I'll go grab a cage and dedicate the rest of the trip to finding the fleabag.

Can I give the stungun to a third party? If Y, I take it. Time to arm the peasants.

Turn 3 - apologies for delay :

  • Captain Grimlock (@captaingrimlock) and Dr Strange join Pr Argyraspide, and they cage the predator !

Enjoy the game's poor UI :


  • Helly goes in the lab to grab a cage, and then he sees it...
    ... it...
    ... the second cat.
    Even though he is alone, he manages to summon all his inner strength and :

He will need someone to help him cage the animal, and only a scientist can transfer to the static, permanent cages.


  • Lt. Dayyalu holds the bridge and sits on the Captain's chair. He took 2 Dart Pistols and one laser gun from the Armoury, and dropped one Dart Pistol in the bridge for someone to take
  • Chief Porker is moving toward the bridge, but still in CP1. He has a prod. Note that the prod cannot capture the alien alone, it is there to help you cage it, if someone has a cage.
  • Engineer Gubbisson is in the maintenance room. She will start working on a flamethrower next turn.


Still no sign of the alien. Reminder : if you don't want to carry caged cats around, the best thing to do is have a professor transfer the animal to the lab. You can also consider that once the animal is caged, you can just leave the cage where it is since well, it does not parasite the sensors anymore.

I guess I'll go to the lab, grab a cage and try and help Mister Helly with his cat problem.

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