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Game #7 : The Alien

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Okay, so I was VERY busy last weekend, so couldn’t go online. Thankfully, you got my orders correct.

This turn’s orders, keep trying to kill the alien.

@captaingrimlock Laser, gas canister or flamethrower ?

Missing @helly and @strange-fellow

My bad, commander, I must have dozed off. No one else has a laser yet, right? It makes sense that we all try different weapons, so we can eliminate the stuff that doesn't work. Then, after the alien has killed everyone with useless gear, we'll call a timeout and plan our next move.

How can a cage get damaged by cold, anyway? How is this possible? What kind of useless scrap are they setting us up with? I know this sounds nuts, but I'm starting to think Weyland-Yutani cares more about its bottom line than the safety of the crew!!

Anyway, I agree with the others, let's keep it chill for now (get it? haha). Let's especially not go into the room where we know there's a murderous xeno lying in wait. Let's wait until Argy is done checking the message boards before we mount our assault.

I thought I just had a laser. So that’s what I’ll use

Helly will be taking a laser and covering courageous engineer Gubisson as it tries to burn the cat alien creature

Turn 8 :

It seems it wasn't clear, so what happened is that when the alien is thought to be neutralized, everyone regroups in the bridge to reassess, dropping their equipment on the floor there. The game then checks whether the alien escapes or not.

So, about the turn :

Prof. Argyraspide goes to the computer room. He tries to investigate the data, but fails - the data is too well protected.

Dr Strange holds position in the bridge (only one person can try to read the computer at the same time). Chief Porker takes the gas cannister and waits.

Captain Grimlock, Gubbisson and Helly enters the cold room, ready to fight. The alien immediately jumps on Helly, who shoots. The alien has to dodge and retreat.


As the alien retreats, Captain Grimlock aims, and shoots !

... and kills it.

That's it ! The nightmare is over ! You killed the alien. You move back to the bridge...



Uh oh...

It looks like there is a clone onboard. At least one.

Again, you are in the bridge will all the equipment on the floor.


Keep in mind it takes 2 movement points to get into the SVT (starboard ventilation).



Wait wait wait ... I checked a bit and the game has a bug (not the first one I encountered). You did indeed killed the last alien.


Which means :

Congratulation for surviving and killing the alien. The Android will be disappointed indeed.

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Back on this :

  • Thanks for participating in this experiment,
  • A disappointing end to a mediocre game, sadly, that could have been so much more,
  • The fact that the game is so confusing and obscure in its rules did not help,


Here is the list of the possible alien mutations, if you are curious (thank you Porkbelly for that). It comes from the boardgame that was riped-off, but it is exactly the same in the code.

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...good job, I guess? Nice shooting, captain.

Okay then.

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Maybe it spawned in the cold room. I found a little egg and swallowed it. Will regurgitate later... for the b.i.o r.e.s.e.a.r.c.h. d.i.v.i.s.i.o.n.


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Thanks to the precise instructions and undying memory of Lt. Dayyalu the crew easily managed to kill the Beast. For sure a posthumous medal awaits the hero.


That said, I'm not surprised. Single monster games are.... kinda difficult to design properly, players kill everything fast usually. Too many weapons in this one also, and the initial ban on weapons is idiotic: again, the original movie did it better with the acid blood, introducing a serious problem to violent opposition.

Too difficult to code for this age, I guess, and even the recent Isolation merely made the Aliun invincible.

That ending was a roller coaster of emotions!

Welp, that was a realistic ending at least!

See ths Alien -> shoot it dead!

Hell yeah! Score 1 humanity!

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