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Game #5 - Space Station Zulu

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Turn 17 :

[Small note in room U for Strange : I made a mistake and reuploaded the old screenshoot. There were only 2 larvas left. I adjusted your order to "nade a larva"]

The remaining larvas are moped-up in room P. Meanwhile, Gubbison and Demanwezel inspect the room for spores. Gubbisson finds some, and those are crushed mercilessly. And then shot. Demanwezel is 100% sure there are no other spores in the room, he looked behind all the bodies.

You talk to the strangers, and tell them a bit about your story.

In room U, Nikk burns the alien before Velho gets to hammer it. Culise enters the room, and so do two yargs.

You have no view in room S and T, but the Yargs should be, you know, bringing more Yargs to life.

In Room 7, André shoots at the larva, while Stuck sends his grenade. When the smoke clears, the larva is still there !

In room A, Pithorr finds no spores, he is sure of it. In room I, Jorlaan finds no spore, but he still has some doubt.
Xeorm does a tactical retreat to room 8, while hearing gunshots, then panic cries, then nothing from room L. Empire of Terra Nova is now MIA.

Alas, I fell into battle. If I get cloned into a Yarg it's good for me, but I have this terrible feeling that the game economy is now stacked against us without bots-all clears.

Also, Paradox Forumssssss *angry fist in the air*


"OK, let's move on to O and search it to make sure we won't get any more aliens than we need".

Agreed, I'm going to O.

Turn 18 - Have we been playing for that long ?

Note the swap of position in room L / Deck 4

Let's start with the more ... interesting situation.

Pithorr fails his move silently check, and all the aliens in Dock 1 except maybe a couple larvas come to visit him :

In room 7, André fires again at the larva, and then a grenade falls at the larva's ... whatever is at the bottom, OK ? A big explosion...

... now there is an adult. Something is wrong. André is SURE he aimed properly this time.

Velho enters the room, flanked by a Yarg. Can I help ?

Xeorm enters room U, with two freshly unthawed Yargs :

NIkk and Culise enter room P, singing "Onward to Doomstack !". They sign to a Yarg to follow them. He/She/It/They answers "I have a name you know ? I am Baudrg"

[He/She/It/They is @Baud if not obvious]

Everyone in room P was convinced by Argyraspide's plan. The guy with the unpronounceable name event said : "ooh, that's actually a very good idea, I completely agree, we'll also need a robot to clean that mess down in L and dock 4"

Everyone in room P moved to Room O, including Gubbisson who just followed the group mechanically, thinking how useful it was to kill those spores. "Ah ! Demanwezel did not find any !"

Room O is disappointing.

The strangers are discussing which weapons are effective, and which are not. "Laser Cutter are really, really bad" one says. Another recaps :

noise grenades: good
Fire torch: good
Rifles: good

Ice bottles: useless?
rad grenades: bad
Laser cutter - very very BAD

In Room I, Jorlaan finds no spore. He is sure of it.

The unthawing continues in room S and T

Goddamn morons! The only good thing about these guys is that there's a lot of them for the aliens to aim at instead of us. Moving on to M.

Well, I nervously tap my pockets and realize I still have my noise grenade (I think?) so I move to room M. M as in, I'm about the get MASSACRED by these larvae.

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 22 November 2021, 1h22

Room O is disappointing.

I'll take disappointing over deadly any day of the week.


I can see we've got reinforcements coming, that's good.

I MOVE to M.

Waiting for Baudgr... and half the other group.

Culise thank Baudgr for sharing his name, and advise to grab a weapon, anything.

Turn 19 : Nothing much

No movement on the alien front. They are probably putting spores everywhere. Or growing for the larvas. Or whatever aliens do when not eating people.

In room M, you find a lot of equipment, and the body of Cyan, the first casualty (with BrutusTrump of your group) of this whole thing.

A group follows in O :

Yes, I did a mistake with the screenshots last time and there are actually extra 2 rifles here.

Xeorm follows in P with two yargs !

You lost sight of room U, but the Yargs are regrouping there.

In room 7, André shoots the alien good. Finally ! Then Velho's hammer crashes on the alien's body... and the alien is revived !
No spores are found, you are sure of it. The alien attacks the Yarg, but misses. Funny story: you had tested the hammer once and you knew it was inefficient, but forget about it.

To everyone's surprise, Pithorr escapes the group of aliens :

Jorlaan transits through room 6 to move to room H.


"I think we should wait here until everyone catches up with us. We're going to need all the firepower we can get. We can at least go out in a blaze of glory."

I SEARCH the room.

Moi aussi I search the room. I wanted to pick up a rifle but I forgot I need two hands to hold my noise grenade (must be some big grenade).

Yeah, keep moving towards L I suppose. Awful lot of logistics going on at the moment, which is, like, totally cramping my style, dudes.

Quote from Strange Fellow on 24 November 2021, 19h53

Yeah, keep moving towards L I suppose. Awful lot of logistics going on at the moment, which is, like, totally cramping my style, dudes.

You would be moving pretty much alone, but you call.

Lazy Paradox sods. Fine, I'll hang around M and sulk about my dead son. Hey, Gubisson, did I ever tell you about my son Bartholomew? He was the best thing that ever happened to me, and now he's dead. DEAD! Now I am half a man, lost in shadow, blinded by grief. Oh, the humanity! Who the hell are you, anyway? Nice to meet you.

The Wargaming Scribe has reacted to this post.
The Wargaming Scribe

Ah, little Bartholomew! The way his delicate robot hands clutched the first spring flower, and how he flashed his irresistible LED smile at the gentle morning breeze… Oui oui, you’ve told me a bit about Bartholomew.

As for myself... I too have lost a kingdom. My wealthy parents on Planet Pupulon made highly-leveraged and ill-advised investments in a new laser cutter technology during the infamous laser cutter market bubble of 3521. To escape poverty and infamy I boarded Space Station Zulu, with only a dream and a hefty dose of hibernation serum to my name. I don’t know what awaits at our destination, but I am sure as hell not going to let these larvae put an end to my riches-to-rags story!

Also, I occasionally break into French idioms for no discernible reason. Not sure if my memory bank got scrambled somehow during the thawing process.

The Wargaming Scribe has reacted to this post.
The Wargaming Scribe

Apologies for the delay, wanted to finish CYTRON Masters's AAR & Review, and real-life happened. Anyway :


Turn 20 : The final battle ?

In room M, evereyone is either looking for spores (there are none, you are absolutely very sure), or trying to check the numbers of aliens in the terminal. Hey ! Are those larvas going bigger ? Well, there are definitely a lot more adults now than the previous turn...

... also, they seem to be converting toward room M ? Oh, that's worrying. Well, at least Nikk, Culise and a redshirt Baudrg arrived as well.

Further in the corridor, Xeorm is coming with 2 more Yargs :

And then Blorg and another fellow Yarg.

In room 7, Velho does not manage to flee the room but the alien is FINALLY shot down. There are no spores, they are sure of it.

No spore either found by our lone rangers : Pithorr and Jorlaan in room A and 6.

Well, I guess it's now or jamais! I shoot an alien with my noise grenade!

Tactically, the best thing to do would probably be to go back in the corridor, but you gotta die some day, right?

I ATTACk alien #2.

Oh my.

Well boys, if this is it then it was a pleasure knowing you. Not you paradox idiots, you other ones. I attack alien number three.

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