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Game #5 - Space Station Zulu

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At your request :

Ming says he will pick the rifle and shoot the second from the right.

Antediluvian will shoot the third one from the left, "he killed Mr Robot !"

Captain Grimlock goes from the central one.

Demanvanwezel will attack the second from the left, and provided this helpful chart :
X(argy) X(wezel) X(ante) X(cap) X X(ming) X

I think we're fucked without the Robot self-destruct, particularly if we have to engage Dock4 with standard weapons. I'm interested in the weapon with the NUCLEAR symbol on the cryo room, is that something worthwhile?

I engage an alien with my Ice Ice Bottles, take a free one. The last one from the right is free, nay?

Quote from Dayyalu on 14 November 2021, 9h33

I'm interested in the weapon with the NUCLEAR symbol on the cryo room, is that something worthwhile?

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 2 November 2021, 23h22

Rad grenades and ice bottles are pretty inefficient against humans (at least over the short term for rad grenades) but some xenoforms are stopped dead by those.


I attack the fifth alien (counting from the left). I'm pretty sure that my weapon is useless, so if a rifle or noise grenade become available, I'll grab one

I'll bomb whichever alien's not already taken.

Hey apologies, a bit late - the Dniepr River Line article is longer than expected.

100% sure I process the turn tomorrow.

wow, sounds like thawing these old bones took longer than expected! But now that I've got the good life juices flowing again, I'll grab the noise grenade and move to U as well.

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The Wargaming ScribeStrange Fellow

Just in time !

Turn 13

As advised by Argyraspide, the strangers call their marks, and your attack is particularly efficient. Argyraspide kills his target, and so does Strange Fellow. The strangers kill 3 other aliens.

Baud tries to attack with his shock rod. A terrible decision, it is inefficient, and he is now so close to an alien that one of these jumps at him, killing him !

Dayyalu ice grenade is just as inefficient, and as he watches Baud's demise in horror, another alien comes from his back and snatches him !

It is only Argyraspide and Fellow left now...


Meanwhile, Gubbison picks up a noise grenade and move to room U. Doing some conversation with the strangers, they learn everything about the strangers...

... since most of you are dead, you may want to have a look at this place to know more about the other group (requires login...)


OK, no time to mourn the fallen, let's go once more.

I ATTACK alien #1, and I instruct our comrades to each pick the next target in line.

RIP Dayyalu and Baud... again.

I avenge the fallen heroes by bombing the shit out of alien number two.

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The Wargaming ScribeDayyalu

Good luck men, you're going to need it!

I move to room P, since it sounds like that's where all the action is! And by action, I mean two aliens getting shot in the face. And by face, I mean an unspeakable amass of tentacles.

I shoot the third alien in his/her/their amass of tentacles!

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Strange Fellow

@Gubisson : André orders you to follow him and Stuckenschmidft to room 7 (which yoyu can totally ignore). You cannot move and attack.


In room P :

Captain Grimlock : “Good job. Let’s hit the buggers with another volley!"
Ming : "Just like the simulations. I'm shooting at the one on the right"


We are waiting for folks from the other group to do their move, but at worst I will process in 3 hours or so.

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Strange Fellow

Turn 14. I think.

At this point I will post the same message for you and the other group.

In Turn P, an hail of bullets, and noise grenades, and what is this grenade oh boy is it a radiation grenade ??? falls on the aliens.

Two of them are killed ? Was the last one protected somehow by the rad grenade ? It is possible.

The alien escapes to room U somehow, while Gubbisson enters room P, presumably saluting the alien on the way, because this is the ruleset of this game : you can escape to rooms the opposition comes from.

Everyone starts to discuss about the next steps, when you hear someone yelling : Ming. Some spores have hatched in room P, and two larvas attacked Ming by surprise, killing him !

In Room U, Vehlo is very surprised to meet an adult alien. Especially since he has no weapon. Happily enough, NikktheTrick gets in the room at that moment :

In the freezer rooms, the Yargs keeps coming, including a Yarg with more initiative than others : Blorg of Yarg IV.

Note on the Yargs : They are friendly non-humans who always die first. If some of you dead people want to come back as Yargs, it is possible !

In room 7, André and Stuck meet two larvas coming from the opposite direction :

The sudden scream of aliens brings Empire of Terra Nova's little scouting mission to a halt. He faces 99 Berserkers, 99 Berserkers, 99 Berserkers, and 99 Berserkers.  At least they left Dock 4, leaving the larvas behind. Except one, who followed her parents hidden somehow. Probably the hero of an alien feel-good movie.

Xeorm does not find anything and he is 100% sure of it.

Nothing to report from Pithorr and Jorlaan.

I don't know if that's just me, but the pictures in the post above don't appear

Ah yes, my mistake. I will correct tonight.

Meanwhile, if you have access ,you can check there :

We're gonna need a bigger boat for room L.

Well, at least it's manageable here, so I'll ATTACK larva #2.

Updated, sorry for the issue with the pictures.

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Strange Fellow
Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 18 November 2021, 1h48

Um... ah... I'd better stay where I am and finish off the remaining aliens. Yes siree. Can't let them escape. I'll bomb alium number three.

"André orders me to follow him to room 7"? Um, sorry, I may have been living in a freezer for the past half a decade, but that doesn't mean I'm just going to start following strange men into corridors (or, at least, not the first strange man I run into, and certainly not in the first corridor).

I stay where I am and search for unhatched eggs. I think I read something somewhere about Alien Kinder Eggs, though they're banned in America due to small ingestible parts.

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The Wargaming Scribe
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