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Game #10: Rebelstar Raiders

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If we form a group to breach the dome that contains yellow computer, I'll join this group

A Photon for me, thanks 😉

A bit more information (+Sir Duncan who is about to jump in).

So how does it work:

  • Movement is 2MPs in horizontal/vertical, 3MPs in diagonales. Some terrains cost 1 more MP, for instance crossing a destroyed wall,
  • Shooting
    • It takes a fixed part of your MPs, rounded up. So shooting with a laser rifle if you have 10 base MPs cost 6 MPs, if you have 11 or more it costs 7MPs
    • The photon gun shoots in bursts of 3, for 30% in total rounded up [not 10% rounded up 3 times]. If you don't have enough MPs left, the characters will do individual or double shoots instead of full bursts. Everything else is single shoot.
    • I added your individual "base" accuracy at the end of the matrix. Grenadiers all have the same accuracy.
    • There are two values for the range. The first one is the effective range with normal damage and I believe accuracy. The second value is the maximum range, with less damage and accuracy.
    • Because this is a ZX Spectrum game that needed optimization, effective range = base damage.
  • There is also melee, but you are all terrible at that. Let's forget about it,
  • There is friendly fire if you miss. The game calculates an alternate endpoint for the bullet/laser bolt, and then draws a line and checks if you hit something on the way...


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DayyaluStrange FellowegosphereMorpheus KitamiBaron RastignakSir Duncan el Torpe

I presume the blues are the claw-mechs. Right now we're breaching in two places that are in danger of slamming right into them if their switch is flipped. Where's the mining op computer?

If a group forms to breach the dome, I'll deploy there as well.

I'll deploy as close to the mining operations computer as I can.

I will spearhead the operation to disable the security system. We will start to the south of the dome, blow up a wall and rush the computer. The bulk of our forces should probably start in the lower right corner, as close to the main objective as possible. All I need is a small crack team of elite operatives. I mean a small elite team of crack operatives. An elite crack team of small operatives. Looks like I can count on Rastignak, Ahab and Egosphere, as well as my trusted retainer Andnjord.

Soldiers, on me! Let's make this quick and clean.

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AndnjordBaron Rastignak

Thanks to Porkbelly, we can indeed change the name of the players!!

Here is the deployment I have for now. @Strange: It looks like Ahab disagreed about being part the elite crack team of small operatives!

I deployed everyone where they requested, and those who said nothing and were part of Strange's list of small crack of team operatives got deployed next to him.

The two "unnamed" grenadiers are the operatives who will open the way and then stay outside. One is attached to Strange, the other can be deployed by Morpheus.








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DayyaluBaron Rastignak

I'll take my grenades to the dome task force.

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 16 November 2023, 22h45

@Strange: It looks like Ahab disagreed about being part the elite crack team of small operatives!

I thought he meant the other computer. I'm a soldier, not a nerd like you guys, I can't be expected to keep track of a million (two) different types of electronical thingamabobs.

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The Wargaming Scribe

Put me near the lower left part of the dome. We should stick to just the two holes, our only other option is just below the turrets, which would result in us getting cut down by turrets. We'll just have to hope that the eastern team can reach the other computer before any locals can.

If one of the commanders thinks a distraction at the front gate would be of use, I volunteer. Otherwise, throw me in with Morpheus.

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Strange Fellow

Lower right side to me. But at the end of the row. Someone has to talk with the families...

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'What do you mean, they already up and went? Daylight saving time? OK, shut up and give my laser rifle, maybe I can catch up with them before they get themselves killed!'

I can take over Fred Freak and drop me in the bottom right corner, and I'll pretend that I was always supposed to be there, OK?

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The Wargaming ScribeAndnjord

I'm with the Strange Fellow. Volunteering to take point! We go in quick, kill everything except ourselves and blow this bucket! What could possibly go wrong. Yeeehaw!




Uhhh... accept. What's the key, what the key, ah right "juliangollopisahackfraud19".  What's up?


Uh, great. As long as it isn't an infiltration mission on a Space Dreadnought, a suicide mission on a desert planet or.... tell me it's an escort mission for Space Princesses. Please.


Uh, how's the crew? I kinda need the money now, but I'm curious about who I am going to deploy with. Are they professionals?


Are you sure you don't have anything with scantily clad Space Princesses? Please? Please? Uhhhn, whatever, let me get my laser rifle.

Deploy me near the Dome. Let others breach in, so put me in a comfy position to follow up .... but not too dangerous.

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The Wargaming ScribeAndnjordStrange Fellow

It's scantily-clad space dudes or nothing!

I beg your pardon, but it's an elite crack team of small scantily-clad space operatives!

(did not read the thread)

Just give me a bottle of body oil and throw me in with the rest of those shirtless men at the bottom left of the map so I can show off my spray tan.

(Wait, what do you mean oil is flammable???!)

I. Alea Jacta Est!

Technicians: Green. Guards: Pink. Robots: Turquoise. Players: Yellow. Reserve characters (inactive except if someone jumps in): Orange.


The assault starts! The explosive specialists blow a hole above MK and left of Porkbelly. Ahab will have to do a hole with his own grenade.

At the same time, you connect to the camera feed, and the position of all hostiles is known. Some may be flat-footed for one turn.

Your objective is to reach the control room in the top-right corner. The blue areas in the middle are conveyor belts. Topical, but useless.

What do you do ?

Honestly, almost everyone going for the relatively unimportant computer for the turrets and mostly ignoring the mining robot control computer is hilarious. Ahab will have to waste a grenade and then to advance initially unsupported.

Statistically, not all players will give their orders. I consider:

- MK is the boss of the Western group,
- Strange the boss of the central group,
- Ahab the boss of the Eastern group,

They give orders for themselves, and they also have to give a general order for the rest of their group, which I will only apply to the characters whose players have not given their order.


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AndnjordStrange Fellow

"Let's Go!! I'll draw their fire!"

Time to use those movement points... Straight in and heading for the area between the two blue treadmills directly north of my current position. Will save my ammo for later.

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