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X-com: UFO Defense AAR

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Terrific! I love these single soldier turn-based tacticals. And this one is an old favorite, still got my CD.

And heck but I am not on fire here !! ... well not literally....

Quote:  "the AI fucks up and the Flamer gets into melee range without firing"

So we kicked ass and liberated the front knuckle-bone of Bargle the Magnificent.

One more knuckle Sarge, let's give them the finger!



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The Wargaming Scribe

I won’t make any promises, but we should be back to X-com next week.

Beautiful Dayyalu. Absolutely beautiful !

Now the full campaign :p.

I played Chaos Gate only recently (2-3 years ago maybe ?) as part of the drive to play the classics which would ultimately lead to that blog. I had a blast, so really it is not only nostalgia.


Also, I ironman the game at my first playthrough (after a couple battles to "test"), EXCEPT that final battle where a whole army spawns on the top of you for no reason, which made me ragequit. I finished with maybe 40% of the starting line-up, but finished nonetheless (except for that one reload in the final battle).

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Strange Fellow
Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 20 March 2022, 10h19

Now the full campaign :p.

Difficult, and I think a Mighty Hero campaign could probably break me nowadays. Add to that the need to manually convert every screenshot from the in-game screenshot function from .pcx to something usable because my faithful screen grabber starts having seizures with Chaos Gate.

CG has a number of quirks and design shortcomings (weapon balance, command classes, sustained fire being overpowered, difficulty in re-arranging the battlefield) but it's a very refined Xcom clone, probably more fun to play on the battlescape than UFO itself. Of the 90ies GW game adaptations it's probably the one with the best gameplay, not that the others were bad (Final Liberation maybe was a tad mediocre, and the Fantasy titles memetically punishing).

Maybe if I get another free evening I could do a run of Space Crusade. It's more kin to the content of the blog, after all.

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Strange Fellow

My apologies guys, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to really get organized and do this AAR properly any time soon. Should my schedule open up, I will let you know.

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