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Nebula - The space 3X streamlined down to counting beans and backstabbing !

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Well, as usual creating the memethread for Nebula. I feel the game will be better than the 2 others; but less mem-worthy.



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So far the main complexity of the game has been “whose turn is it”.

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The game is deceptively simple, even if I forgot 80% of what I did in my playtesting. I still think there's some mechanics that are half-baked and puzzling (mostly the tech levels) but this should a better run than Timelords.


Also, I'm apparently the Eternal Emperor  of the Quadrapods, and search engines tell me they're both a DnD 5th ed monsters and a type of robotic dog. So, robotic dogs with tentacles! Or tentacles with robot characteristics?

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The Wargaming Scribe

I'll repost this here for convenience:

Here's the resolution phase, beginning and end:

First one of these PBEM things I've done with multiple people. I'm looking forward to getting torn apart like in Starship Troopers or something. Because unlike the rest of you I am definitely not the leader of some mere bug empire, no, I am the noble leader of the Arachnotrons, a proud and noble race who are probably not sentient spiders in floating robots.

Now that I'm paying attention to that, it seems like the game only has five races to a galaxy, but has at least 7 in total. I distinctly remember a human(oid) race along with a draco one, the latter because the AI kept starting there on one map I played a bit of in testing.

Did anyone understand which system "increased in RES level" ?

I have seen some funny random events while testing by the way. It can be quite funny.

I've skipeed Ahab's purchase phase, as he asked.

Here's the end of the second millenium.

Old map on the left, new situation on the right.


(This didn't do anything, apparently, since you need to have unrest for a revolution to actually have an effect)

Force point increase.


I skipped everybody's seat move phase and sent the save to MK.

Does anybody want to spend force points (I don't)? If not, MK can skip those.

I'm good.

Another millennium comes to an end.

Military moves to be resolved:

The end result:

All those invasions can only lead to one thing; increased tensions across the galaxy:

Final status on the Force Points at the start of the 4th millennium:


NOTE: I noticed this from the manual, which is useful when you've issued all orders and you don't want to use any more rounds:

When you have finished all the commands you wish to do then press <0> (zero).

Ahab wants to skip his seat of power relocation, and so do I.

I won't spend points in the expenditure phase.

Does any of you understand why this neutral world attacks this neutral world ?

Also Argyraspide, why are you attacking MK ? Ain't we all friends ?

Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 1 June 2023, 20h42

Does any of you understand why this neutral world attacks this neutral world ?

That would be someone moving their entire force from one planet to another.

Also Argyraspide, why are you attacking MK ? Ain't we all friends ?

The Oculids have no friends. You will all be oculated.

I guess your next move is to retake the world you just left behind then.

The mighty Oculids might have made a tactical mistake, yes.

Millennium ended, I hope I did not fuck up too badly.


First, the Quadrapods in all their dog mechatentacle grace submit to yours truly, giving me... like 2 tech levels and some government, like I needed it


Second, new resources, that incredibly enough go mostly to me and Ahab. They would have been like 75% me if it wasn't for the incredible longshot Ahab did to create some pure Austria-Hungary tier border gore , but hey, who dares wins



I fucked up the recording, so pardon me for the terrible gif.

Next turn to.... MK?

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The Wargaming ScribeArgyraspide

End of the millennium! So what happened?

MK makes a daring grab for the northern snake world, Dayyalu and myself rattle some sabers north of the galactic core, and there's not a lot of neutral worlds left.

I just can't seem to quench the flames of unrest. And it spreads.


Will we be too busy suppressing our citizens to fight each other? Time will tell.

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The Wargaming ScribeDayyaluArgyraspide

With only 5 neutral worlds available, I think I can answer your last question.


Interesting but risky positioning from you Ahab, you've got all the central world, but you are also the only one with 4 neighbours, so that's like having Germany at Diplomacy. Dayyalu has effectively one (AND his the richest of us all), I have two, MK and Argyra have 3.

It looks like unrest is going to play a much bigger role than I thought it would.

"Press U to quell unrest" worked or me, but yes, for those of you with 3 unrest to manage, there will be a decision to take between quelling and expanding.

That's good design from Gollop : you can't ignore tech as you need to government points to lessen the chances of unrest and to actually have the rounds available.

Tech has an influence on government points?


Unrest is an interesting mechanic, but I feel it's going to make a bit of a drag in our PBEM system. Having to wait for a turn just to press U, fail to quell unrest, wait the turn, u, repeat for 10 times..... it's something that works better in a Real Life scenario, I guess.

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