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Islandia, where the economy hates all players equally

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Welcome to our little thread about our new multiplayer game, Islandia.

This is where we (Ahab, Porkbelly, Argyraspide and myself) will be playing :


And no, I am not stalling because while in Time Lords you could lose before playing the first turn, I feel like in Islandia you can lose because of the initial decision at the beginning of the game. And you have no idea what is a good or bad decision because it depends on what you guys did.


Oh well, we'll see.

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The economy system, where demand influences prices, reminds me of the old classic, M.U.L.E., of which there's a very good modern Windows port, if you're ever interested:

I've started tracking prices (as well as my wealth and ships/armies, but you don't get to see that).

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The Wargaming Scribe

Ah good idea, I will do the same for my wealth and my armies. I am sure the DATA Driven Gamer will have fun with that :).


Also, who bought all the troopships ? 🙂

MULE's economy seems a lot more dynamic and interactive than this game does, where you can try strategies like cornering the energy market and then squeezing the price at the end in the hopes that players will pay you through the nose to avoid a crippling late-game blackout, though you'll be very screwed if they collectively bite the bullet and refuse. Here it just seems like commodity prices are what they are, and maybe you'll be better off targeting the wood-producing islands than the food-producing ones if wood has a higher price, but I don't know if your actions can manipulate this or if it even matters that much.


Quote from The Wargaming Scribe on 13 February 2023, 17h22

Also, who bought all the troopships ? 🙂

The next turn is going to suck for one of us.

I have been informed by one of the other players, yes, that there may have been … shenanigans.


The vibe :

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DayyaluStrange FellowArgyraspide

Newsflash :

  • Some sort of agreement S-E and N-E, liberating the S-E port.
  • Clash in the Southern Sea. One South-Western ship sank.


Who owns Island G as of right now? I think it's Ahabi, but the blue flag is throwing me for a loop.

The Northeast Trading Corporation officially flies blue colors on land, as green would fail to stand out.

Well, somehow I missed this thread until just now. I need to up my game if you guys are tracking financials in great detail.

Or... meh. 🙂

Finally Drake Inc. has managed to conquer isle B after multiple fails. We brought weapons rather than fruit wedges this time. I was going for H and K but... traffic.


Am I really the only one who did not realise your port has to be empty for new ships to spawn?

Quote from Argyraspide on 24 February 2023, 13h24

Am I really the only one who did not realise your port has to be empty for new ships to spawn?

Well, that's something I had tested before our game, and that's why Ahab's little trick at the beginning set me back 1 full "meta turn".

If you forget to exit the port, and the turn ended because no more ships to move, I consider it fair if you reload and move out. Assuming you can with the wind and hostiles blocking your exits.

No, it's just my fault, I should have moved out earlier, but I didn't know yet. I thought they could stack in port.

To be clear, I haven't dived into the code since we are in mid-game. But... am I the only one that has some curious misgivings about the combat results we're seeing. I attacked island B at 3:1 odds twice and lost both times. Subsequently I attacked it again at 1:1 and another island at 1:2 and took both. I'm wondering if the odds table has been reversed, or if it simply doesn't matter.

You're not the only one. One time I attacked a totally undefended island and lost. And then it mysteriously gained a single defender.

Now you say it, it may explain why I keep failing in my attempts to sink Porkbelly's explorer ship and Ahab's transports, but just sunk two battleships in a row those last 2 turns ?

Either the islanders are breeding, or I just lost an invasion at 6:1 odds.

I lost island 'A' at 2:1 earlier, so I went in with six armies this time just to be sure. It was not sure.

And I just took M from you at 1:3 odds ^^.

This code needs reviewing.

I'll have a look when we're done. Not even sure what language this is written in.

Ooo, I have island L double-fortified with 10 men. What could possibly go wrong?

You! Men! Take those walls down! Back into the sea!!!

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