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Commenters Command FAQ

Who can play ?

Anyone can play. Subscribe to the forum, propose your name in the thread, and I should pick you.

"Should", I may not pick you if I have had a bad experience with you, if the roster is already full, etc...

Some games allow players to join on the fly // during the campaign. Some don't. In the former case you will be put in a (curated) waiting list if the starting cast is already there. In the latter case, well, better luck next game.


How do you play ?

It is easy, just tell me what you do when I prompt you. It depends on the game but in general, you don't need to care for the rules - consider it as a role-playing game.

In general, try to be fun and not TOO serious. Don't be "I am so random LoL". Don't be obnoxious or toxic. On the other hand, mocking another player for the terrible performance of his in-game avatar is totally ok, if not expected !

Important though : When the game starts, I will tag all players involved. At this moment,  please SUBSCRIBE to the threads of the Commenters Command you join ! Else we will have turns where we don't get your orders, and it is not fun. Subscription is when you scroll down as much as possible.





How can I have a fancy avatar ?

Go to profile, then check at the bottom :


How can I post fancy images ?

Upload it (for free) on

Then copy paste this link directly in the body of your answer :

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